Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Types of Lens

The SLR (lens) for cameras is very diverse, from fixed lenses with a fixed focal length to the common focus, zoom, and macro lenses; the difference in focal length divided lenses into different groups, with different uses.

1. Wide angle lens
By standards, an ultra-wide angle lens is often a focal length less than 20mm. A wide-angle lens is often a focal length of 21-35mm. With the continuous development of the camera industry, manufacturers have introduced special lenses with focal length of 10-24mm on the mid-range DSLRs (1.6x crop). There is also an ultra-wide focal length lens at just 8mm. Wide-angle lens is used for interior photography, landscapes or architectural photos. This lens can also be used to capture images, a large group of people standing spread.

2. Basic lenses
A normal lens has a focal range of 35-70mm. One of the typical lenses usually is a fixed focal length 50mm lens. Such lenses usually used for street photography, portrait normal or product. With relatively compact size, photographers can carry easily and capture those spontaneous moments.

3. Portrait lens
With a focal length range from 80-135, photographers often use this format lens for portrait photography. The fixed lenses can also portrait, but often limited by its fixed frame. Therefore, with the ability to zoom and a reasonable focal length, this is still one of the best options for portrait or fashion image.

4. Telephoto lens
All lenses have a focal range of between 135 and 300mm, or maybe more are special-purpose telephoto lenses to telephoto. Manufacturers create this focal length, the more expensive the larger the focal price. This lens dedicated to sports photography, wildlife photos.

5. The special lenses

There are also some special lenses to focus grouped based, that is:

Macro (macro lens)
This is a special lens allows the focus to be very close, closer than normal 1:1 image ratio. The lens is used to capture insects, wild or what the human eye cannot see the details.

Fisheye (fish eye lens)
This is a wide-angle lens and panoramic view, spherical images. Image center will bulge and edges will be distorted. These lenses create special effects and wide-angle images than normal wide-angle lens.

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