Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Long Exposure

Long exposure is a photographic technique used to capture images with the shutter opens for an extended period of time, so that the camera can sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring. Most light painting photography can be described as long exposure photography and also known as slow shutter and open shutter photography.

There is a couple of accessories you need to have to shoot long exposure images

  • Tripod
    • A tripod is vey important when shooting long exposure because your hand is unable to keep the camera steady; every tiny movement can  destroy the image that you want to capture.
  • Remote
    • The function of a remote is to keep your hand off the camera, when you press the capture button, your hand will mame the camera moving
  • Neutral density filter (for capture long exposure image in day light)
    • This is necessary when people want to shoot long exposure in day light. Without the filter, the image will be over bright because  a lot of light will come to the censor when the shutter opens for a long period. The filter will help to reduce the light.
  • Timer
    • Set the for your exposure, so you dont have to wait there and count for it.
For the camera setting
  • Lowest ISO
  • F stop at 11 or higher
and this is my photo, first practise

At Port Credit, Mississauga, Nikon D90 ISO 200 f11 25sec

click here to check out some stunning examples

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