Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Reasons for Cropping Images in Photography

Cropping image is a simple but also an important step when post-processing the image. All image-processing software has cropping tool, allows you to crop or simply edges an image. Of course, not all photos need to be cropped; however, if a photo is cropped deliberately, it will create a strong impression of the visual and layout. If you are not completely convinced, take a look at the illustration below.

Use the crop tool in the image processing software.
To crop an image, you only need to open the image processing software (Photoshop or Lightroom) and select the crop tool. Position the crop tool in a corner of the image and drag the selected area of ​​the image you want to keep. Crop area will display the color darker or lighter, depending on the software you are using. 
Once you are happy with the new layout, click on the photo or click the Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to complete the process of cropping photos

2 things to remember when cropping photos
Always use a copy to crop the image. Some software automatically open and save your pictures in a file copy. If processing of the original image, the change of the image will not recover once you have saved the image. On the other hand, if keeping the original, you can use and implement the cropping processes image for the next time.
Pixels resolution will change when the image is cropped. If your photos are blurred due to lower resolution after the crop, then restore the image (undo) and select crop area less to keep a higher resolution.
You can choose a larger crop with high-resolution photos. You should keep this in mind when taking pictures and always make sure your camera is set to shoot at the highest resolution.

The reason for cropping photos
1. Improved layout
2. Create focus for photos
3. Cut off the excess elements
4. Zoom in a detailed impression
5. Change photo (horizontal / vertical)
6. Change picture ratio
     4:3 ratio is appropriate for the print size 5x4 "

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