Thursday, 14 March 2013

10 Tips to Improve The Image Layout

1. Odd rule
Simply, odd rule means that you have an odd number of subjects, objects in your photos. Your photo can be a photo with one or three or five, ... subject. This rule makes your photo more interesting and attractive in the eyes of the viewer.

2. Limited DOF - Limiting the Focus
Limit the depth of the image (DOF) is an easy way to increase the emphasis of the image. This technique may not necessarily apply to all the pictures, but it is useful when you want to reduce the attention to the subject that you want to hide.

3. Simplification
The best way to increase the highlight of the picture is taken a picture that looks simple. The easiest way to do this is to limit the number of subjects in your photos. You can use tip 2 to obscure the details disperse the attention of the viewer.

4. Centering
Put the subject in the center of the image to create a balance to the photo. This tip is most effective with simple images that have only a few subjects.

5. Rule of Thirds
This principle is one of the most effective and most commonly used in the layout of an image. You can easily improve your photo layouts using this principle by the natural human eye attention to these points when viewing a photo. According to this principle, the image will become more attractive by introducing the main subject that you would like to take up one of the four points of intersection of the imaginary lines 3x3 frame.

6. Lead room
Lead room is the space in front of the subject (the direction in which the object-oriented). This tip is often used in conjunction with the Rule of Thirds to make the photo more attractive. By leaving the space in front of the subject, the viewer will feel that the subject moves about looks.

7. S curve
S Curve an imaginary S line in a picture. Layout in this way to make the photos look more interesting thanks to lead the viewer’s eye along the imaginary S in your picture. S curve can also be used in styling (Posing) to increase the expressive capabilities / performance of the model

8. Foreground
You can make beautiful landscapes and more impressive by adding foreground and there are a few subjects in the foreground. This is one of the skills used to create a sense of the magnitude, depth images and making viewers sometimes feel as if he / she is in the picture.

9. Fill the frame
When you think you've had enough close to the subject, try approaching the subject more. You will have another layout / photo by filling the gaps in the frame with the subject

10. Framing
This is a creative way to add your image into the foreground. Use the objects around you to create a virtual frame the subject in the picture of cool. This technique is a great way to increase the attractiveness of photos and make a photo really different from other photos.

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